TEB Architecture and Contracting Limited Liability Company

TEB Architecture LLC. is a design firm primarily implements integrated design and conceptional planning processes, which was established in 2005 by F. Türköz Haznedar, M. Ebru Erdönmez, and Burak Haznedar. TEB Architecture LLC. is an office for architectural design which puts the emphasis on collective design and a holistic conceptual planning processes.

Integrated Design Processes

A whole team of design-experts collaborates simultaneously on any relevant aspect of the project like function, design, cost or time-management from the very beginning. The architectural and urban design is informed by all these aspects already at it’s earliest stage. Therefore the program and budget requirements can be fulfilled very professionally and efficiently. Integrated Design as a design strategy means to realize projects with a very high cost benefit advantage.

Conceptional Planning Process

Architecture develops from the spatial concepts of the design strategy. The following components and parameters (such as cost-benefit-analyses, quality of space, building quality, share, environment-sustainability / ecology, running costs, construction-phases and investment of budget, investment / profitability, technical know-how, technical equipment, maximal area utilisation, low energy optimisation, utilisation of floor space, energy resources, volume of invest, live-cycles) are to develop entirely or contribute to a specific project.


TEB Architecture and Contracting Limited Liability Company  |  TEAM

F. Türköz Haznedar  |  Founding Partner, Architect (M.Arch.)

Türköz Haznedar received her masters degree from Karadeniz Technical University in 1979. After her time as a practicing architect, she worked at the Turkish General Directorate of Motorways as Chief Architect of Facilities for 24 years and lead a large number of projects and their executions. Ms. Haznedar also served as a member of the Board of the Cultural and Natural Preservation of Ministry of Culture of Turkey in Izmir, Aydin, Kocaeli and Bursa alongside working at several construction companies as consultant and site manager. Since 2005, she is the chief executive and founding partner at TEB Architecture LLC.

M. Ebru Erdönmez, PhD  |  Founding Partner, Professor of Architecture, Architect (B.Arch., MSc.Arch.)

Dr. Ebru Erdönmez graduated from Yildiz Technical University as an architect in 1995. After receiving her masters degree from Istanbul Technical University with master's thesis "Permeability - Translucency in Architecture" in 1999, she received her PhD from Yildiz Technical University with a dissertation on "The Role of Open Public Spaces in Structuring Societal Relationships" in 2005, and received the title of Associate Professor Doctor of Architecture in 2011. Dr. Erdönmez served as a guest professor in University of Siegen, Germany in 2006. She has authored numerable national and international publications, lectures and work, received several awards in architectural and urban design. In 2011, Dr. Erdönmez served as the Moderator for Experimental Works at Turkey's first biennial of architecture in Antalya. She currently teaches at Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and practices as founding partner of TEB Architecture LLC.

Burak Haznedar  |  Founding Partner, Architect (B.Arch., MSc.Arch.), Urban Designer ETH (MAS ETH UD)

Burak Haznedar is a practicing architect, urban designer, and founding partner at TEB Architecture LLC. He has led the design and execution of projects for government and non-governmental agencies, institutions, alongside commissions from corporations and individuals. He studied architecture (B.Arch.) and architectural design (MSc.Arch.) at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, with a master's thesis on urban transformation processes of industrial spaces at cities. He also holds a master’s degree in urban design (MAS ETH UD) from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, with a focus on urban transformations in developing territories, such as Ethiopia and its region. Mr. Haznedar is design director at TEB Architecture LLC., lectures and teaches at various levels of design studios, and serves as guest critic at renowned universities in Turkey and abroad.